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Paradise Hotels & Resorts also thinks about children and their well-being. For this reason, children can enjoy our Mini Club and Maxi Club, spaces designed exclusively for them so they can play and have fun with original and different activities every day.

Paradise Hotels & Resorts

Mini Club: 4-8 years old

  • Location: in a fantastic garden with a fish pond, behind the padel tennis courts.
  • The Miniclub is open from 11:30 am till 1:00pm. In the afternoon, from 3:15pm till 5pm.
  • Mascot: Bruks.
  • Activities: mini-golf, painting, crafts.
Paradise Hotels & Resorts

Maxi Club- 9-12 years old

  • Location: Hotel Lago Taurito. For all hotels, the meeting point is the pool bar of Hotel Lago Taurito.
  • The Maxiclub is open from 11:00 in the morning and from 3:15pm in the afternoon.
  • Activities: mini golf, football, archery, darts, shuffleboard, water polo.
  • Mascot: Bruks

Themed activities

Paradise Hotels & Resorts

Pirate day

The children will have their faces painted like pirates and will have to create their own sword and search for the treasure.

Detective day

Someone stole Bruks’ costume! The children will have to make their own identification badges and find the thief.

Superhero day

All the children will have their faces painted like their favourite superhero to save the planet.

Earth day

It is an ecological day in which the children will have to make recycling bins, identify the material and put it in the right bin; they will make sculptures made out of ‘rubbish’ (plastic cups, bottles, paper, newspapers, etc.) and will do some gardening.

Science day

The children will do experiments and will have to create forms of life for sea and land.

Rock-star day

The children will have their faces painted like rock stars and will have to play the instruments that we have for the night-time concert.

Paradise Hotels & Resorts
Paradise Hotels & Resorts


Maintenance works in the water park will be ongoing for a month after Easter Week (from April 22, 2019). There will always be an area of the water park open to clients.

On the beach (with games, sandcastles, etc.) and at Aquapark (enjoy the slides and the pirate ship!).


Every night at 8pm, it’s mini-disco time! With games, diplomas and, of course, Bruks!

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