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Healthy holidays

Relax, pamper yourself and awake your senses. We offer you our Wellness & Spa in Taurito, Gran Canaria, where you can relax by floating in thermal waters and enjoying treatments that will give you a lasting and reinvigorating feeling of well-being for mind and body

Swimming pool

  • 56 square meters
  • 2 watter curtain jets
  • 1 jet curtain bow
  • Phlebologic Anatomical Massage
  • Set of two air beds
  • 7 seats Jakuzzi
  • 1 round air plate for a Fitstar massage bubble grill
Paradise Hotels & Resorts


  • 8 hygienic showers
  • 1 Cyclonic shower with change of Temperature
  • 1 Bithermal shower
  • 1 Shower Bucket
  • Steam Bath and Sauna
  • Rest area and hairdresser
  • 6 Massage cabins with individual showers
Paradise Hotels & Resorts


Paradise Hotels & Resorts

Therapeutic back massage (25 min.)

Treatment of acute or chronic complaints by manual massage.

Massage “Kombi” (45 min.)

Back and neck massage combined with stretching of the neck and osteopathic techniques.

“Sport” Full body massage (55 min.)

Sports massage of legs, arms and back.Stretching and osteopathic techniques.

“Relax” Full body massage (55 min.)

For relaxation, tone up and relax the body.

Paradise Hotels & Resorts
Paradise Hotels & Resorts

Full body massage “Aloe” (55 min.)

Special massage with a typical product of the island and all the therapeutic qualities of the Aloe Vera.

Full body massage with Chocolate (55min.)

Ideal for stimulation and tonification of the body. Has an antidepressant effect.

Oriental massage “Ayurveda” (90 min.)

Massage with warm oils from top till toe with very relaxing techniques.

Paradise Hotels & Resorts


Basic/Active face cleansing according to client’s needs. Face steaming, impurities extraction, ultrasound treatment and face mask.

  • Manicure
  • Manicure SPA
  • French manicure
  • Pedicure
  • Pedicure SPA – Thorough foot cleansing
  • Foot bath
  • Treatment
  • Soft foot massage
  • Pedicure SPA
  • Eyebrow and eyelash dyeing

Men’s special. The man also exists. A special treatment for men with selected products. Put the care of your face into our specialists’ hands. You will be surprised.

Paradise Hotels & Resorts


Spa Resort

Seaweeds wrap (55″)

Relaxing full body peeling. Nourishing cream.

“Aloe” Wrap (55″)

Soft massage of 15 minutes, followed by the wrap. With anti-inflammatory effects for skin problems.

Avocado Wrap (55″)

Soft massage of 15 minutes, followed by the wrap. Effective against nervousness and stress.

Chocolate wrap (55″)

Soft massage of 15 minutes, followed by the wrap. It works as a stimulant and antidepressant.

Mud with Aloe Vera (90″)

Full body-peeling. Wrap with Mud and Aloe Vera.It finishes with an application of nourishing creme.